For Agents, By Agents

For Agents, By Agents


A social media posting tool designed for agents

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No Credit Card Needed
Cancel Anytime

We built SocialStackPro

With The Agent in Mind


We understand the constant pressure felt to continuously post quality content to social media feeds, but we couldn't find an efficient way to easily generate content and post it all from the same place. SocialStackPro was created to give every agent the visibility they need online to be "top of mind."

Social Media Strategy

Skip the Pressure of Complicated


Social media algorithms favor consistency. Coming up with great content to engage people can get exhausting and overwhelming. With SocialStackPro, we offer tools and training specifically designed to inspire you to create engaging content so that you can stay consistent and top of mind with your audience.


Learn and Grow

get started immediately


You're never alone, you'll find a library of short-clip Help videos that will get you set up in minutes.  Along with quick social media tactics you can deploy in campaigns in your business immediately.

Core Values...

We believe the heart of our work is in the campaigns, pushing boundaries and opening up new ways to increase engagement numbers.  We think you'll find value in this remarkable tool as well. We are real estate agents that created this app to assist with getting your message out. We've included all the bells and whistles agents need to mass market and drive business.


We value...

Immersive User Experience


We believe that agents should never be far from the "numbers and content" that matter.  Enjoy an immersive experience with campaigns and engagement statistics that update daily, right from your campaign stacks.  Drive your content based on customer response by always keeping your eye on your goal.


We value...

Truly Easy To Use


We are all too aware of how not-fun it is in learning yet another tool. We believe strongly in technology that is easily understood, right out of the box. The app was designed to be learned in minutes not hours…. Searching, designing, or scheduling content is a breeze.

We Believe in...

A Content First Attitude


Social campaigns are at the heart of a good social media strategy. Content and campaign organization can get challenging. This tool was designed to work and flow with you as a marketer by keeping your content and campaigns center stage. Easily view and change schedule, drag and drop, shuffle, duplicate, design, and recover posts.


Who we are...

We're small but mighty as they say! We're active, brokers in the field and have struggled with social media also. We understand just how busy agents get and need support. So, we aimed to solve the problem because agents deserve to have quality tech.


David Boatwright, CEO

Broker associate, Business development

Driven with a passion for helping others, his real estate career took David toward a path of coaching and business development. It's from these coaching sessions over the years that this idea came to life. David's greatest hope is to serve our real estate community with tech that helps them thrive and gain success.


Gordon MacLean, CFO

Broker, Owner, CCIM

Throughout his 25-year career, Mr. MacLean has advised his investor clients, including REO/mortgage companies, on wholesale acquisitions, portfolio management and retail dispositions for their respective real estate portfolios. Mr.  MacLean  has  analyzed  in  excess  of  a  thousand  real  property  transactions  for investment  purposes.  He has  considerable  experience  with  both residential and  commercial transactions. In addition, Mr. MacLean holds the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation awarded based on extensive education and commercial real estate transaction experience requirements.

2022, Florida Realtor Expo

For Agents, By Agents!

We came back to the 2022 Florida Realtor Expo to have some fun and we met so many wonderful agents and brokers.  This is a wonderful community of proffesionals that stive to bring their best for the customers they serve.

Stop losing out on potential sales with
an inconsistent social media plan...

Stop losing out on potential sales with an inconsistent social media plan...


Engage more customers now
by posting content in more places

Engage more customers now by posting content in more places conistantly.


It's much easier to create and post
consistently when you have a tool made
with you in mind

It's much easier to create and post consistently when you have a tool made with you in mind

Hear what agents are saying...


Candice "Candi" Evett
Realtor, Real Estate Agent

Social Stack Pro is such an awesome tool! It is so easy to use and saves me a ton of time. I love the "Inspire Me" button! I use it all the time when I am overthinking what content I want to create. You should definitely check it out!


Heather Fox
Realtor, Real Estate Agent

Social Stack Pro has taken my social media game to a new automated level. I was posting daily to each platform and now it saves so much time daily. I just load it up once and let it go to all my platforms. It has been such a blessing. I have over 365 days of content already uploaded for daily posting and have multiple stacks strategically built. This is a true game changer!!! You will not go wrong and the cost is so low! Social media is on autopilot so now I can focus on toher aspects of my business. Thank you SSP!!!!!!!


Kaitlyn Foster
Realtor, Beachy Beach Real Estate

I love how easy it is to organize yourself through SSP. I can make stacks for new ideas, and the ability to post across all platforms also increases my productivity. I'm constantly showing people what I'm posting and how easy it is to do it for their own business.

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