Each plan includes free AI tools

Unlock your social potential, engage with your customers, and grow your online presence.

Lite Plan

FREE forever
  • 3 Stack Campaigns

  • 3 Social Targets

  • AskAI
  • AI-suggested photos
  • Inspire Me button
  • Canva button
  • FREE Canva templates

Pro Plan

$30 per month
  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • Unlimited Social Targets

  • All Lite plan features
  • AI-powered Content Coach
  • Content Generator
  • Grouping
  • Grouping stats

Pro Plan

$300 annually
  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • Unlimited Social Targets

  • All Pro plan features
  • 2 months FREE
2 months FREE
Free E-book

Field Guide

Maximize your social media impact with actionable tactics from this agent field guide. Discover valuable tips and create more effective content for your audience.

Free E-book

10 Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid common mistakes on social media. Check out these practical tips and insights to increase engagement and improve your social media presence.

Free AI Tool

Content Generator

With this AI-powered real estate content generator, you can easily create content for your social media feeds using supplied topics, text, and images.


Lite Plan

Pro Plan

Supported Social Media Targets


1 profile/page



1 profile/page



1 profile/page


Content Creation


Create content in campaigns called “stacks.” Think of these as containers to organize your content in by subject.




A powerful content creation tool that simplifies the process of planning, writing, scheduling, tracking, and posting engaging content.

Content Critique

Get content suggestions and advice based off what you’ve already crafted for each stack.

Content Calendar

See content ideas in a 10-day calendar format based on the content you’ve already created.

Inspire Me Button

Get inspired with real estate topics in just a few clicks. Now you can choose to create with or without AI-generated content!

Canva Button

Create, edit, and schedule your favorite designs all in one place with the Canva Button.

Upload Videos & Images

Upload images and videos in bulk, then schedule them all from one place.

Upload links to quickly share listings, blog posts, news stories, articles, and more!

Search 7 image providers at once and add copyright free images to your stacks in just a few clicks.

Image Suggest

Get AI photo suggestions based on the captions of your posts.


Stack Calendar

See your entire stack schedule at a glance in a calendar format.

Stack Dashboard Calendar

See your entire schedule of all stacks at a glance in a calendar format.


Social Target Stats

See how your pages and profiles are performing overall.

Stack Engagement Graphing

See how each stack is performing in an interactive graph format.

Stack Engagement Insights

See how each stack is performing overall, or platform by platform.

Stack Grouping

Group related stacks by color and add titles to make navigating your dashboard easier than ever.

Stack Grouping Stats

See how each group is performing and compare them so you can increase engagement and grow your audience.

Additional Features

Post Signature

Add a custom signature to each post in your stack. Enter it one time and it will post every time.

Post History

Easily access and recycle evergreen content.


Shuffle all the posts in your stack to get a good content mix.

Photo Grid Size

Adjust the size of your posts in your stack to help visualize your feed—this is a great tool to use for visualizing Instagram grid layouts.


Every social media page or profile that you would like to connect to Social Stack Pro will count as one target. Once you connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts, each social profile includes the ability to schedule, post, and view engagement for each profile in your Social Stack Pro account.

Social Stack Pro supports posting content to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, allowing you to reach your target audience on multiple social media platforms.

Social Stack Pro allows you to schedule an unlimited number of posts, and you can post up to 100 times per day to stay within each network’s posting regulations. This helps you to stay consistent and post engaging content on a regular basis.

No, there are no contracts or commitments required to use Social Stack Pro. You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time without any cancellation fees.

Instead of offering a free trial, Social Stack Pro offers a free Lite plan and an onboarding experience to help you get started. This allows you to learn and test the tool and its features to see if it is the right fit for your social media management needs.

Social Stack Pro does not replace the need for human creativity and input. While AskAI can assist in generating content ideas and filling gaps, it is important to have a human touch and voice in your social media content.

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