Why Social Stack Pro?

Whether you're a residential or commercial real estate agent, or an association marketing manager, SocialStackPro is the perfect solution for simplifying your social media content creation and posting.

Our story

At SocialStackPro, we understand the challenges that real estate agents face when it comes to social media management. As active real estate professionals in the field ourselves, we’ve struggled with the constant pressure to generate quality content and maintain consistency across multiple social media channels.

Despite searching for an efficient way to streamline this process for a sales agent, we couldn’t find a tool that met our needs. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create SocialStackPro, a social media content creation and inspiration tool designed specifically with the agent in mind.

Our mission

Our mission is to simplify social media management for real estate agents by offering a user-friendly platform that fosters creativity, ease of content creation, and audience growth.

Who we help

We understand the unique challenges faced by real estate professionals, which is why we’ve developed a user-friendly social media management tool that’s tailored to the needs of residential and commercial agents, as well as real estate association marketing managers.

Our platform features customized content suggestions, helping you create engaging content that resonates with your target audience and boosts your online visibility.

Residential Agents

Residential topic suggestions to help stay creative and engaged with your audience.

Commercial Agents

Customized content suggestions for commercial agents tailored to your industry & target audience.

Real Estate Associations

Creative topic suggestions for real estate associations to create content for agents.

Ready to get started?

Meet the team

For agents, by agents

David Boatwright, CEO

Broker Associate, Business Development

Introducing David Boatwright, the creative mind behind SocialStackPro.com. With a genuine passion for assisting others and a deep appreciation for the real estate industry, David’s journey as a CEO and Founder has been driven by his desire to make a positive impact. Drawing from his coaching and business background, he conceived the idea of SocialStackPro as a solution to empower real estate agents on their path to success. David’s commitment lies in providing agents with innovative technology and tools that streamline their processes and unlock their full potential.

Gordon MacLean

CCIM and Cofounder

Gordon MacLean, a CCIM certified professional and esteemed Co-Founder, has amassed nearly three decades of significant experience in the realm of real estate. Throughout his career, Mr. MacLean has provided comprehensive counsel to an array of investor clientele, inclusive of REO and mortgage companies. 

Presently, Mr. MacLean holds the esteemed position of Managing Broker at Riviera Realty Group, LLC, leveraging his industry knowledge to drive organizational growth. He brings these skills into his role at SocialStackPro, where he not only co-founded the company but also serves as an instrumental member of the board. 

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