Content Helper

It can be challenging creating content when your just getting started.
So here are some easy content ideas to get you started for any agent. Once you get some general info scheduled then work on more valuable content.


📣 Building Blocks

Here is the set up!.. At some point (hopefully) you will want to use Facebook advertising tools but there may be an issue first. Listen to find out more.

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📣 Articles

Easily post multiple links to popular news sites. Think local news sites, loan help sites, home trend sites, styles, financials updates, world events really anything in your field.

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📣 Testimonials Stack

Lets face it testimonials are tough to get sometimes and so when you get them make sure to use them. Here is a very simple way to keep your testimonials fresh and evergreen at the…

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📣 Meme Stacks

Lets face it mems are great! They are funny, compelling and engaging.. There are a ton out there and used sparingly can really help add some humor to your feed.

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📣 Diy and More Stack

Everyone loves a good DIY story or way to solve something. Push your self to share DIY stories, images content that will get you support from others. Be genuine though! They can smell fakeness.. lol

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📣 Listings Stack

No one likes seeing just listings in their feed but everyone loves a good deal. Its a good idea to sprinkle a few in there each week. Pick out listings that stick out to you…

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📣 Local Area

Always looking for ways to promote your local area by gathering info on something new that opened or new recreational park. This will not only help you get more involved with your community but you…

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📣 Local Spot Light

Always rep local if you can can. Its important to be part of the fabric of your community. Seek locals especially up and coming business who you can help establish. They grow you grow..

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📣 Youtube Stack

Leverage any links from youtube. Already creating on youtube or find interesting things to share is a great way to build up some content. This becomes very valuable if your someone creating your own content…

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📣 Developments Stack

Most likely you will have some kind of new development in your area or one that is hot maybe. Find developments, boutique builders, highlight them and the area. Interview someone, get photos, articles, live cam…

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